Cycle the canals of Amsterdam

Snowboard down a mountain

Ride with the cowboys in Texas

Meet the Maasai tribe

Visit Machu Picchu

Throw powder at Holi in India

Eat noodles in Hong Kong

Dance at a carnival in Rio

Find brown bears in Canada

Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Win money in Las Vegas

Experience the night market in Marrakech

Admire the Taj Mahal

Walk at least a mile of the Great Wall Of China

See La Sagrada Familia

Run with the bulls in Pamplona

Touch the stone of the Coliseum

Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge

Swim with Turtles

Ride a camel

Track mountain Gorillas in Rwanda/Uganda

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Take a hot air balloon ride

Learn to surf

Watch wild Orangutans in Borneo

Go shopping in New York

Swim in a natural geothermal hot spring

See the Northern lights

Admire the Pyramids

Hike with elephants

Visit the ruins in Athens

Cage dive with sharks in South Africa

Watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat