I’m the Photographer with shoots for major brands and events in my portfolio. I’m published, and I’m hungry to spend more time behind the lens – or even to support those that do, from bag-carrying, keeping lenses in order, adjusting strobes, and even being able to come up with an idea or two of my own when asked to do so.

And because I have experience working on professional sets you’ll never need to ask me to keep an eye on the batteries!

Although I am based in Gloucestershire, I am available to work worldwide. Exploring the world has led to experiences that strongly influence my work and ability to craft striking images to tell imaginative stories with an original perspective.

Having now shot for brands like Blackmagic Design and Gloucester Rugby and working as a 1st Assistant Photographer for the creative agency Still Moving Media, I have built a strong understanding of what it takes to capture images that make a lasting impression.

So, how can I help you? // 07866 342 342