I’m The Storyteller who didn’t grow up watching the block busting Hollywood franchises, I was glued to the stories that shocked, wowed, inspired and gave me an insight into people, places, times and events which I myself could not experience. This is now what I strive for; to produce content that reflects a new way of seeing my topic, and to pass on that passion to my audiences.

Whilst most of my university peers want to direct the next Bond, my heart is well and truly stolen by factual content.

In addition to providing a creative output, my projects are also case studies, demonstrating the way I methodically plan, shoot, collate and cut my pieces.

Producing & shooting my own projects has taught me valuable skills for working on the fly, running and gunning, and capturing a vast range of subjects in endless situations.

I am near completion on a multimedia photojournalistic project that examines the role of women in frontline local policing (release date TBC) and have also began pre-production on a heartfelt short that examines the effect of the over saturation of new build housing developments in rural Cotswold villages with many more ideas in the research pipeline.

So, how can I help you? // 07866 342 342