I’m The Traveller with passion for the world often travelling alone and packed light.

My lifelong curiosity and desire to learn means I regularly launch myself headfirst into new cultures and experiences some of which are documented on these pages. I’ve found myself wandering alone through the winding souks in the heart of Marrakech, living with a Maasai family nestled in the Mara, parasailing off the Austrian Alps and hiking with the re-wilded Elephants of EVP in Cambodia.

I’m “street smart” in any city in which I land and can make friends in the most obscure of places.

My life and world view are richer owing to the people I’ve met along my journeys and the incredible places I’ve been, so I am undaunted by the location of your next project or the people I’m going to meet.

Undaunted? I’m positively looking forward to it! // 07866 342 342