My first impressions of Rome weren’t entirely great. The rain was beating down aggressively on the windscreen and through the estuaries flowing down the window I could see graffiti nonsense seemingly scribbled on every wall in sight. Eventually arriving at the Termini we unloaded and set about finding a taxi. The drive to our hotel started to reveal a little more of the city I was expecting and by then the rain had stopped and the clouds lifted, taking my spirits with them as the sun shyly made an appearance.

That afternoon we ticked the Colosseum off my list and spent a couple of hours taking in the magnificence of the amphitheatre.


After brimming our weary minds with facts and figures we wandered over towards the Roman Forum where we proceeded to spend hours getting lost within the ruins. As the moody clouds came over again, scaring away the sun, the rain started to spit so we sheltered in a local restaurant.

The next morning, once the 6:00am lightning storm had passed, the sun was smiling down on us. Hopping on and off the Metro, we made our way around the whole city – stopping here and there to mark off each monument and attraction on the map.

Whilst I can appreciate Rome from a cultural aspect I found it difficult to feel immersed within the ancient architecture as invariably I felt it was juxtaposed against a tatty modern building – although it has to be said, the Vatican was stunningly impressive. However, it was not as breathtaking (literally) as the view from the top once we’d climbed the 551 steps to reach it! Word of advice – if you think to yourself “I’m definitely fit enough to manage all the steps, I won’t bother with the lift” – you’re not!


Personally, I don’t feel Rome is somewhere I would have wanted to spend much more time as we seemed to cover all the major places to visit in two days. Any more than a long weekend and I feel we would have struggled to find things to do / see! Did I have a lovely time? Very much so. Would I go back? Probably not. There are many more places in the world I want to explore before I retrace any footsteps.

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